Frugal Travel Tips For Cairo, Egypt

When travelers think of Cairo, they think of the Pyramids Of Giza, the only remaining wonder of the ancient world but much of the joy of being in Cairo, comes from the unique culture. Observing this culture, including eating well, can be frugal for the savvy traveler.

Pyramids Of Giza

If you have time to explore the Pyramids of Giza complete with the Sphinx at the entrance, then the entrance fee is worth it. To touch the same stones laid by the ancients is an experience. However, for time crunched or extremely budget conscious travelers, the view from the outside is fine, especially to watch the laser light show at night.

Note: Any pictures of locals or camels usually come with a price tag so be prepared.

Khan el-Khalili

Traders have been bargaining in the Khan for centuries. One of the largest markets in the world, this is the place to people watch, to pick up souvenirs and to perfect haggling skills.

Haggling is expected, even welcomed. How to tell if the shopkeeper has reached the rock bottom price? If you walk away and the shopkeeper lets you go.

Note: The Middle Eastern’s definition of personal space is much different (as in much less space) than the average North American’s. Expect some close encounters.

Falafel In A Pita

One of the most popular Sandwiches in the Middle East is the falafel in a pita (so popular even McDonalds has a version). Deep fried chick peas formed into a ball, put in a flat bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and a creamy tahini sauce, the mix is not only delicious but inexpensive. We bought falafel in a pita for the equivalent of 25 cents U.S.

How to find the most inexpensive falafel stand?

Follow the local teenage boys. Teenage boys (the world over) have a nose for finding inexpensive meals of half decent quality. Then just point at what one of them order.

Juice Bars

To wash down the falafel, consider visiting one of the numerous juice bars. The juice is freshly squeezed but the glasses are reused, often without rinsing, so walk with your own plastic cup if you’re squeamish.

Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world, a place of pyramids and mummies, but it does not have to be one of the most expensive. The frugal traveler can eat, drink, shop, and sight see without blowing the budget.

Details to Help International Travel

Owing to increased trade, business and political relations between countries, there is increased monetary and cultural exchange that has turned the world into a global village. In the last few decades, movement of the people across borders has increased significantly. The communication and transport have also developed in unprecedented ways. Thousands of people now travel to destinations around the world for purposes of recreation, business, educational and job opportunities. With this increasing movement between nations, many travel agencies and tour operators have come up that facilitates international travel. From arranging ticket bookings to offering holiday packages, these agencies provide various services. Travellers can choose to travel via airways, roadways or waterways depending on the available connectivity to the destination. For people, who want to travel by air, here are a few details that may help in planning the trip.

International Flights

The rapid globalisation in the past few decades has led to a boom in the aviation industry. Every day hundreds of airlines operate their services across various international destinations. A number of flag carriers like Air India, British Airways, THAI Airways and Swissair based in India, United Kingdom, Thailand and Switzerland, respectively, fly to numerous airports all across the globe. Lufthansa, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Etihad Airways are a few other carriers that operate flights on various routes, connecting many destinations in the inhabited continents. People who want to visit an overseas nation can explore multiple options for carriers on online travel agencies (OTAs) before making their international flight booking. Of late, such options have been growing for travellers. One example of this is the launch of a new non-stop flight from Lucknow to Singapore by Tigerair.

Tigerair Flights

Tigerair is a no-frills airline with its headquarters in Singapore. Along with its base country, it also serves major cities in the Southeast Asia, Australia and Asia-Pacific region. The airline has recently announced the launch of its new non-stop flight between Lucknow and Singapore, scheduled to begin in December, 2015. These carriers will be available three days a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. As a celebration of this launch, Tigerair has offered a special inaugural fare of INR 119999 on round trips between these two destinations. Travellers looking for cheap international air tickets can avail this offer by purchasing tickets between 1st and 13th September.

Booking Cheap International Flights

A large number of flights that are available for air travel between different places offer flexibility regarding the choices. Whether people choose to travel in Economy, Premium, Business or First Class, will also determine the price of their air tickets. A number of deals and schemes are also offered by these airlines along with numerous OTAs on flight bookings. These can be in the form of discounts on group tickets, cashback and eCash. The EMI schemes are also offered by many OTAs. Certain times a year they also come up with new offers and heavy discounts. Travellers looking for cheap international air tickets can browse through these OTAs, before booking their flights in order to grab the best deals. They also provide information about flight schedules, airfares, duration of the journey, routes of air travel as well as the number of stops and layover time.

France For Seniors Travel

There’s no doubt that France is one of the world’s most alluring travel destinations. It’s got everything from the beautiful streets of Paris to lush, green wine country to glamorous beaches to the snow-capped Alps to Disneyland and much, much more. France is also a great destination for seniors travel in particular, with all kinds of great discounts and cost-saving opportunities across the country. Here are our top tips for Seniors Travel in France.

Save on train travel. France has one of Europe’s most extensive rail networks – you can get from just about anywhere in the country to just about anywhere else. The SNCF (French State railway company)’s Carte Senior entitles those over 60 to discounts of 25-50% on all train journeys, even if you don’t book in advance, for an entire year. The card also gets you a 30% discount on rail journeys in 22 other European countries. Better still, save more if you book and pay for your rail pass before you leave your home country.

See all the great museums. A lot of France’s many museums and monuments will offer a discount for senior travellers, in some cases of up to 40%. Some sites begin the discount at age 65, but if you’re over 60 always remember to ask just in case, and do bring your passport or other ID in case they ask you to prove your age! The Louvre has a great €6 entry special on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.

Bring a phrasebook. While most tourist sites, restaurants and hotels around Paris will have English-speaking staff, if you venture further afield in France you may run into some difficulty. But between a few basic phrases in French from you and at least some English language skills on the part of the local person, you should be able to muddle through. I lived in regional France for a period and they love Australians. Before I would say anything, I would speak in French “I’m sorry, I am from Australia, I don’t speak French”. Learn to say this in French – they will love you for it.

Swap houses. It may not get much press, but savvy travellers have been saving tons of money by exchanging their house for one at their destination for decades. has 29,000 homes worldwide, including France. You never know, you could end up with a chateau in Bordeaux for a song!

Watch the world go by. One of French people’s favourite activities is to sit outside a cafe and discuss the affairs of the day over coffee. Try this yourself, and you’re sure to get a great flavour of the local atmosphere no matter where you visit in France. This is one of my favourite activities. Choose a spot frequented by the locals and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Fly around France on the cheap. Air France offers seniors a 10% discount on internal flights around the country. The airline also gives a 10% discount to those over 62 on select international flights – be sure to ask when you book.

Stay safe. Users of the popular Tripadvisor website recently voted Paris as the fifth most common pickpocket city in the world, so watch your valuables in the City of Lights – unfortunately I can vouch for this first hand